[ Module 2 - Telugu SabDhamAla (Vocabulary) ] Learn to read, write and speak/talk/converse in Telugu in four extensive/elaborate modules

Saturday, 19 February 2011

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Language, in a sense, is "man's culminating cultural instrument." It is a social institution. It is an expression of human spirit. Every language has its own set of vocabulary. And every word has its own sound. Indeed, words are more than sounds - they emote BhAva in the listener. For poets, words are vennelalo (in moonlight) Adukone (playing) andhamaina (beautiful) Adapillalu (girls) - "beauteous belles playing about under the moonlight."

Words are the accepted vehicles of new things, new ideas, new attitudes, or new points of view. Every practitioner of a language must acquire a fair understanding of words. No matter even if it is one's mother-tongue, one can enjoy it more, only if he or she could see it from the inside looking - at the words with a feeling for them. This becomes feasible only when one knows what the symbol, the sound, the word stands for.

And that is what this module aims at. It enables you to master the Telugu words through Roman script – all by yourself. This module launches you on the path of reading and writing Telugu words. It starts with two-lettered words graduating into multi-lettered words. This module is aimed at helping you learn to read Telugu words with an artist’s eye.

It is hoped that by going through the module you would cultivate a better appreciation for your language. This shall make words look more than mere sounds. Once you cultivate this art of looking at words from inside, they no longer remain as mere denotations of emotions. They will rather ‘voice’ emotions. It is only then that the language becomes yours. It then simply becomes innate. Talking in Telugu then becomes a jingling of the “beauteous belles”.

Once the taste is cultivated for your language – the sound and the feelings that the words emote – you are sure to be swayed by a newfound urge to learn more complex words and start conversation in Telugu – all with ease. If this happens, we shall feel that this initiative of C P Brown Academy has achieved its objective.

Nonetheless, a book, just as a good teacher, can at best, direct, aid and encourage a learner but it is his or her effort that alone can make learning happen.

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